Manifesting – Manifesting To Quit?

Whatever life puts in front of you is put there to challenge you to become more than you are. It is a test to see how gutsy you are and how long you will do something until you give up. Mind you some things like your bad habits you will continue no matter what because they are familiar. They aren’t necessarily comfortable but they have been around for a while so you let them hang out. It’s odd however that some stuff that is hard but not as hard as your habits you quit. Continue reading Manifesting – Manifesting To Quit?

Manifesting -What Manifesting Really Is

Manifesting is much more than wishful ‘thinking’. Yes you have to really focus and decide what you want but there is an active phase where you need to take physical steps in this physical reality to affect the energy enough to make the possibility of what you want a probability. The wild card in this whole process is time. If your cup is full of all kinds of energetic junk, you have to dump some of it out to make room. It takes time to notice what behaviors, attitudes, thoughts and habits you have that keep you in unhealthy holding patterns and then once you recognize them, do something to change them for the better. Continue reading Manifesting -What Manifesting Really Is