Why Manifesting Effectively Is Important For Your Well-Being


It has been said over and over again that unless life has purpose, there is very little meaning to anything. Certainly some things like love have their place but personal fulfillment goes a long way to sustaining the drive that gives life its spark, and that includes love. Personal fulfillment is an expression of self-love that definitely feeds the soul. That expression is that genuine something inside you that is constantly guiding you in every moment if we can only wait and listen for it. It is our compass, our path and our only true guide. If we don’t look for it, sit still long enough or genuinely seek it, we will just be at the ends of strings that are pulled by someone else, just like a puppet.

Self-love is the fuel that causes the passion for life to burst forth and the reason you should learn to manifest effectively. It should also be the reason you exercise – because you love your body, not hate it, and the reason you eat to support your health not destroy it.

You see, happenings in your life start out as energetic quarks which are possibilities that can turn into probabilities. They pop in and out of existence randomly until a probability is certain. Your thoughts have a huge influence on whether a possibility becomes a probability then a certainty. This random nature can also show up in your thoughts. That is why being very careful what and how you think and where you allow your mind to wander is a very wise idea.

Mostly what manifests in your life is driven by your subconscious mind. It is what bubbles up to the surface of your awareness, especially when your emotions run high. Sometimes it even stays on the surface of your awareness, constantly tormenting you and when you focus on it, it starts appearing in your life. It can even keep repeating and it is driven by your emotions. Now, if you develop strategies to change the focus, you can slowly switch what you don’t like into what you do.

Strategy #1
Thoughts are things that can be thrown in the energetic trash bin as easily as you throw away yesterday’s garbage. Visualize throwing those thoughts away as you resist and reject them along with your fears.


Repetition is Key. The superhighway that those thoughts travel on didn’t happen over night, nor will it disappear over night. It takes time and work to dismantle it.

Strategy #3

Your intent is one of the strongest driving forces in the Universe. Use it wisely to focus on what you really want and diligently to get rid of what you don’t.

Strategy #4

Read the fine print. Know when you want something you will get the whole package, not just the nice parts.

Strategy #5

Attachment = Suffering. Yoga states this very clearly. Be sure of what you really what without being attached to the outcome. One of my clients wanted a relationship so badly. He saw her in his mind and kept focusing on her and pleading with the Universe for her arrival. Sure enough, one day she appeared. He was ecstatic but desperate for the relationship to work but he soon discovered that she was the bitch from hell. Because of his huge attachments it took months of suffering to finally remove her from his life.

Strategy #6

Focus on one thing at a time. The Universe likes speed and simplicity. If you have a fear of what may be lurking in your basement then only focus on dissolving and releasing the one fear. Don’t throw in other fears or wants at the same time. It will diffuse the energy and it will take longer to see any results. “It is my intent to dissolve and release my fear of what is in my basement” can be your mantra for a while.

Strategy #7

Never give up. Determination and focus pays off. You don’t know how many layers of goo lie between you and success. Remember you are building new superhighways to your fulfillment.

Feeling fulfilled improves your disposition, your health, your motivation and your creativity. Not only that, it gives life purpose beyond the daily grind. Even the most mundane of days has a new sparkle because you are consciously creating it. With a few successes under your belt, you manifest from sheer joy, not sorrow, shame or whatever, and you are no longer a victim of your subconscious creations.