Manifesting – Manifesting Is More Than Thinking What You Want

Everything is vibration. Some vibrations facilitate flow for what is more pleasant in life, some plug it up and bring more drama and chaos. What you say, think, eat and drink, where you go, what you do, the music you listen to, who you hang out with, how you act and how truthful you are all contribute to the vibe you create that your manifestations ride on.

Movie theaters, clubs,pubs and bars are fabulous places to pick up spooky vibes. They hang off the ceilings just waiting for the right opportunity to drop on you and do their thing. Every time you have sex with someone, you exchange energetic garbage, so if you have multiple sex partners, look out! The party life, the high rolling life and the rotating bedroom life all cost in some way that the universe will start to collect in a future moment.

Those energies in a spiritual sense will sabotage your efforts to create a meaningful uplifting life. You will create an energetic jungle full of dangerous and unpredictable vibration that will act out in your energy field and start manifesting in your world in ways you will not like.

So to change your life by manifesting what you really want, not the random chaos that is acting out in your energy field, you need to realize you cannot row a boat during a storm. It is an exhausting and futile effort. So you need to quiet the storm of energies acting out in your energy field by changing how you live in the world. Then you need to clean your energetic house using your intent and your will. As the energetic storms clear, there are clearer and clearer pathways to think your manifestations into reality.

You will feel better, your health will improve, your mind will quiet and you will be much happier, but make no mistake. Manifesting is not for the weak. It takes work, patience and persistence. Some of your friends may scoff at what yoy wantto do, some may leave you and some may join you. Band together and start a group to support each other. Never give up and you will be rewarded. It is the inevitable way the universe works!