What Stops Manifestation of What you Want

IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTHLESSIn past posts I’ve talked a lot about your intent. It is one of the strongest forces in the universe to get things done. It is also one of the strongest forces to move what is blocking you from manifesting more positive things, rather than the negative. So what happened? You don’t have what you want so what’s the deal?

Its really not as complicated as it sounds. Over lifetimes, you have picked up all kinds of beliefs, discovered power and control over others, been manipulated yourself and a whole pile of other happenings. It is all designed for you to experience what its like to be all that you can possibly be. Look at the current events in the world. Others are going through that process now – on one side or the other.

Through that process you may have made a remark that you wish your poverty would end. In another life, it did, but you used your money to gain power, hurt others or even be miserly with it. In the end you may have experienced remorse and declared you would never do that again. To make sure, you decided you didn’t want to have lots of money anymore just to be sure. That, too is stuck in your subconscious and your energy field.

You may have been abused or suffered greatly at the hands of others. They told you that you deserved it and you believed them. Today, you still may subconsciously believe you deserve to suffer because it’s stuck in your energy field.

Whatever you have experienced in the past is stuck in your energy field and you can use your intent repeatedly to diminish it. It takes time and lots of repetition but it is very possible to get rid of it. It took me over five years to undo the damage done to me by my father but I was determined never to repeat a life where I was abused again.

Using your intent is all about making statements to yourself without watching yourself and with as little emotion as possible. It’s like asking someone to pass you the salt. Here are some sample statements you can use to be more efficient at manifesting what you want.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, everything that is preventing me from having a loving relationship.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, all beliefs and ideas that I need to be poor.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, the belief that I am worthless.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, my fear of dogs.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, my belief that I can’t get a good job.

You see, the first part of the statement is the same in all of them. It is the last part that you customize to your own situation. If you don’t know what’s wrong or you can’t define it clearly, make a statement like the following.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, everything that opposes my happiness and well-being. Or, it is my intent to remove from my energy field, whatever is blocking the manifestations I welcome into my life.

Let’s sweep the house clean so your manifestations can come to you the way they should.

Manifesting – Manifesting With Your Instincts


Those living in Nature have a built-in radar. They can feel everything around them and their instincts kick in quite clearly. Unfortunately urbanization has dulled the instincts of most people because of the intensity of energies found there. People tend to turn off hyper-awareness and even ignore gut feelings as a general rule. These gut feelings are signaling you to pay attention. Many a missed opportunity has floated away because of not paying attention to the subtle communication channels that the inner You sends you.

If you want that awesome life you’ve been wishing for, you need to stop your frenetic rushing and pay attention to what can bring your manifestations to life. Your reality is filled with subtle hints and some very obvious messages you tend to just rush past and those gut feelings you’ve been discounting are only glimmerings of what is possible. Manifesting is a simple process. You don’t need to make it more complicated than it is. With focus, attention and intent, anything is possible.

Manifesting – Manifesting Awesomeness


Your perception of how awesome you can be depends totally on your beliefs. So many programs and tape recording of what you do or don’t believe have been hammered into you, sometimes by yourself. Negative head talk does it every time. One thing you need to realize is that you came here to contribute something very valuable that lots of people would be grateful for. Trying to fight your way out of the jumble of confusion inside you can seem like an awesome task. It is very simple however and it comes down to your intent. You can change on a dime and your intent will dissolve whatever you choose to let go of. Do you want to feel unfulfilled and unhappy until the end or do you want to create a better reality for yourself?

Feeling hopeless and helpless is normal when you are constantly in a negative head space or you are constantly in the company of negative people, especially those that shower you with negative beratement. “It is my intent to empty my energy field of all negativity.” By using your intent in a consistent and persistent way, you change your course from negative to more positive.

Depending on your age, it could be like turning a super tanker. It takes a while. I know because I was a late bloomer getting tossed around by life a lot. It time to discover your awesomeness and show it to the world. Are you with me?